It is advisable to schedule a consultation. There is often a process to achieving your ultimate hair colour/style. Our team will discuss in depth and explore the best ways to achieve your goals. Your service may not commence, if you are limited by time. To book a consultation simply give us a call on 02 8095 8801.
Allow approximately 15-20 minutes for the consultation.
We would love to work with your schedule . In order to accomodate, we may ask you to secure your booking with a deposit.
Your deposit is 100% refundable, 72 hours before your appointment when you notify us by phone 02 8095 8801 or email info@hairorganics.com.au

Your deposit is 50% refundable less than 48 hours before your appointment, with a rescheduled and attended appointment.

Regrettably, no refund will be provided should you cancel or no show.

It’s very simple to book an appointment. You can either call us on 02 8095 8801, book online here, or pop into the salon.
If you are hoping to pop into the Salon, our address is 164 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, 2067.

We understand things happen at short notice. Simply give us a call on 02 8095 8801 or email info@hairorganics.com.au to let us know of your changed circumstance. This would be most appreciated.

So that we are on the same page, the following may help guide you in terms of how we price.
Short hair is considered at the jaw line.
Medium hair is touching the shoulder.
Long hair is anything past shoulder, with waist length being considered Extra Long.

Prices are subject to change due to variances in thickness, porosity and length.